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Humpback Whale Mebaptera novaeagliae

What makes Humpbacks one of the most exciting whales to watch is their strange body shape

and the amazing behaviors they exhibit. Humpbacks are the greatest acrobats of all the whales doing everything from raising their flukes (tail) out of the water and freezing doing something like a whale handstand. They may also slap their flukes over and over again on the surface creating cracking smacks or doing the same thing with their Huge 13 foot Pectoral fins.

Some of the most unforgettable moments with Humpback's is to see them breach (jumping). These whales can literally fly out of the water at 45 tons, equivalent to 600 humans or 11 elephants, twirling onto their sides or backs showing off their crazy shaped bodies, to land with an earth shattering crescendo. You can see the splash from the whales landing as much as a mile away sometimes.

Facts about the Humpback Whale:

Lifespan: At least 50 years or more.
Population: In the North Pacific is 6-8,000
Distribution: Inshore and offshore, migrating from tropical waters to polar world waters.
Diet: Schooling fish and krill.
Group Size: 1 to pods of 15 or more if something good is being served on the menu.
Adults: Adult females are slightly larger than adult males.
Length:  50-56' (15-17 m)
Weight:  90,000 lb. (40,000 kg)
Newborns: Length: 13-15' (4-4.6 m)
Weight: Approximately 1,500 lb. (680 kg)